For laptops up to 14"

LapTopper - Black Ink



Wood Lap desk for laptops up to 14 inches

  • Ideal laptop table to use your laptop in bed or on the sofa
  • Ergonomic laptop holder : optimal comfort thanks to his microbead-filled cushion
  • Laptop desk that protects you from the heat of your PC & improves ventilation
  • Multi-purpose : can also be used as a portable table to read, write, eat
  • Made in Europe

44,90 €

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Product dimensions (L x W x H) 36 x 27 x 6 cm
Pillow composition 100% Coton
Board Beech wood, black varnish
Made in Europe (Romania)
Compatible with laptops up to 14 inches

We've design the laptopper because we were fed up of burning our legs while we were working for long hours in our beds as students. But byside of the funtionality we wanted to create a nice object that will look good in any home interior and that didn't look as a plastic board.