For laptops, tablets & books

PadTopper - Taupe Brown



Lap desk for iPads / tablets, laptops & books

  • - 3-in-1 lap desk ideal for using your tablet, book or PC on the couch
  • - Hands free : read a book without holding your tablet or novel
  • - iPad stand : Type an email with 2 hands without holding your tablet
  • - Ergonomic : Thanks to its easel with 2 viewing angles, find your best position anywhere
  • - Made in Europe

59,90 €

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Product dimensions (L x W x H) 36 x 27 x 6 cm
Pillow composition 100% Coton
Board Beech wood, transparent varnish
Made in Europe (Romania)
Compatible with Ordinateurs portables jusqu'à 14 pouces, tablette tactiles et livres

Our Lap Desk PadTopper is designed to let you use your pc, tablets or books in the more comfortable way when you are using them at home on your bed or sofa.